2017 Florida Real Estate Market Options for Financing Including Jumbo

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November 15, 2017
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In 2017 The Florida Real Estate Market is Hot and The Options for Financing, Just Like the Beautiful Sunsets Just Might Be What You are Looking For!

Blog on The Florida Real Estate Market is Hot and the Options for Financing, Was Modified by Bill Burg on December 29th, 2017


In 2017 Florida continues to be one of the best places for both job growth and retirement.

  • The increasing in retirement disposable income from selling another property or retirement fund has helped to expand the types of loans possible in Florida.
  • In most states you only hear of Conventional, FHA, USDA and VA Loans.
  • In Florida loans a new loan, second home or vacations homes are common.
  • Jumbo Loans and Super Jumbo Loans are also common, but require an experience Mortgage Loan Officer.

2017 Florida Home Purchase: Snow Birds No Only Migrate to Florida, They Often Land Here Permanently and Invest in A Little Florida Sunshine.

The nice part about Florida is the choices of where you can live, work and retire.  Anyone who has got to spend some time in the Salt Life of the Ocean or Calmness of the Gulf of Mexico can attest how your life suddenly begins to change, day by day.  Just of few of the vacation hot spots that for are us is a gas tank or two away are:

  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Sarasota
  • Daytona
  • Lauderdale
  • NASA and the
  • Florida Keys.

2017 Florida Home Purchase: Housing Prices

The housing prices are very normal for a retirement destination, and are comparably priced for lenders.  In Florida we also have a market that will

  • Investors looking to buy a second house to live in, rent us as an investment property or investor who is looking to get high rents for vacationing visitors to Florida.
  • Re-locating from other states for work or Business Entrepreneurship for better tax purposes and better employees.
  • Realtors and Lenders look to
  • Baby Boomers looking to move from the cold climates to retire or finish out their last working years before they retire.
  • Millennial’s who are looking for lower taxes and job opportunities.
  • Millennial’s who are eager to become first time homeowners.  As local rents are increasing, and job opportunities decline, they are finding that purchasing a home can mean paying less in monthly housing expenses and income flow can increase with better and better job choices.

Jumbo Loan Rates Florida and Requirements


Experienced Mortgage Loan Officers who also specialized in Jumbo and Super Mortgage who also specialize in Bank Statement Mortgage Loans are extremely busy this time of year with the increased demand of the multiple types of Jumbo Mortgages.


The minimum requirements for Jumbo Mortgage are as:

  • If you have over a 700 FICO Score you can put 10% down payment or 90% Loan to Value on a Jumbo Mortgage.
  • NON-QM Loansor non-traditional government secured loans are available 
  • If you qualify, a Bank Statement Mortgage Loans can be approved.
  • An 80% LTV or Loan to Value for $2 Million Jumbo Loan or less, may be available.
  • A Jumbo Mortgages loan between $2 to $3 million, you may qualify to a 70% to 75% LTV or Loan to Value assessment.
  • A Jumbo Mortgage Loans between $3 to $3.5 million, you may quality for a 65% to 70% LTV or Loan to Value assessment.
  • A Jumbo Mortgage Home Loans between $3.5 to $4.0 million, you may qualify for a 60% to 70% LTV or Loan to Value assessment.
  • A Jumbo Mortgage Home Loans between $4 to $5 million, you may qualify for a 55% to 65% LTV or Loan to Value assessment.
  • Any Jumbo Mortgages that is loaned over $5 million is assessed and underwritten on an individual basis.


The Great State of Florida And Its Amenities

Florida is one of the best States for having fun, relaxing or whether you’re moving here for a career.  Especially when the snowbirds come down from the North.

  • There is always plenty to do, in the winter, usually too many events to do and see most weekends
  • Since Florida is a large peninsula surrounded by water, you’re never far from a beach.
  • Wherever you live in the state, you can drive to many different travel destinations
  • Just being in Florida, even if you work, the location makes you feel like you are on permanent vacation.
  • Don’t forget Orlando, which is the Number One Travel Destination in the US.
  • There is Walt Disney World and the Disney Parks
  • Sea World Orland
  • Islands of Adventure
  • Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Theme Parks
  • Sea Life Aquarium
  • LEGOLAND Florida
  • And Many World Class Resorts.

Why not, live work and retire in a place where every day off can be an adventure and a memory.

We specialize in helping mortgage loan borrowers in all variations of loans from a first home, second home or investment property.  We not only specialize in your typical loans that are offered, we also specialize in helping those who can qualify for a Jumbo or Super mortgage.  If you are thinking about purchasing a new home, and need guidance and what the best possible options on a Jumbo or Super Jumbo Mortgage, contact Bill at 941-444-0010 or text Bill Burg on his cell phone for a faster response.  You can also email us at contact@mortgagelendingplace.com or even start your application at mortgagelendingplace.com.


About the Blogger: Bill Burg

Bill Burg is a 3-time Author in teaching other about the Financial and Real Estate Business.  He is an experienced Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with USA Mortgage that specialize in Jumbo and Super Jumbo loans.  USA Mortgage is one of the few banks that has a business model of success without adding Bank Overlays.  Overall, he has invested the last 14 years helping hundreds of families and investors achieve the dream of home ownership.

Bill Burg at Mortgagelendingplace.com and USA Mortgage NMLS# 1647508

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