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November 7, 2017
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2017 Guidelines that Help You Get The Loan

2017  Guidelines that Help You Get The Loan

2017 New Guidelines that Help You Get The Loan


Letter Of Explanation To Mortgage Underwriters


Because no one has a perfect financial record and even if they did they might have incorrect, unknown or false items added, you want to seek the advice of an experienced Mortgage Loan Officer. That individual will have to tools to determine what is correct and ask the right questions to put you in the best help best possible situation, to get your loan approved.

  • One little known options is to analyze your individual situation, not by a computer, but some who has the skill set to manually approve your loan. This takes years of experience and is reviewed by an experienced Mortgage Loan Officer who personally analyzes your documents, based on your situation, and confirm the pertinent facts and what is relevant to you getting your home loan.
  • This is the point at which a guarantor physically takes a looks at your documents and not just numbers that a Computer program that determines a Yes or No.
  • Can you imagine how many people are turned down every year by incorrect data or just happen to be off by just a couple of points?

While applying for a home loan with not a perfect record that may contain disparaging credit, financial liquidation, bankruptcy, abandonment, judgment, and an a multiple amount of items, then a banker may require more information. Maybe a letter of clarification or “LOX” may need to be provided.

  • By definition, a letter of clarification is simply precisely what it says it is, and it is a clarification of why certain things got on your report, and why they won’t occur later on.
  • The perfect example is a split in ownership of a business or a personal divorce. Everyone has a different situation why their credit is not perfect, an experienced loan officer can help you, when a computer answer is only as good as the information going in and can not use common sense to determine a favorable answer.


Creating a letter Of Clarification, Keep It Simple


Presently, when assembling a letter of clarification, they should simply explain the situation, be brief, and should come to the heart of the matter. There is no compelling reason to recount your entire life story here in light of the fact that more than likely the Mortgage Loan Officer wouldn’t read the whole thing.

  • Note: too much negative information in your past might show that it will continue in the future. Your Mortgage Loan Officer will simply only require what happened, why it happened, and why it won’t occur in the future.
  • In a situation where you have to present different letters of clarification please ensure you are just clarifying just the item that the LOX is for. There is additionally a hazard for composing too much (keep it simple, when possible) about a specific circumstance as it could open up a “Pandora’s Box” for the bank.
  • On the off chance that you show to the guarantor that there are other sketchy points of interest in your LOX, they are required to look more into everything about may influence their answer and potentially approve your home loan. In the event that this happens, the bank will likely require significantly more letters of clarification to address the new data you presented to them.


Time to Get Your Loan Approved


Give an Experienced Loan Officer a chance to give you a case to a guarantor and show your case in the best possible light with proper documents and letters of clarification. In the event that you have had a background marked by great credit and continuous payments, and for a short period of time, late installments appear, there will be a necessity for a letter of clarification.

  • On the off chance that you went into debt liquidation or a possible bankruptcy, regardless of the part, a letter of clarification should be given.
  • In another circumstance, the candidate could of previously secured an ARM (flexible rate home loan) and when the home loan was adjusted, the fundamentally higher installment couldn’t be managed at the time.
  • These reasons for needing a LOX are extremely normal preceding the housing breakdown where sub prime home loan moneylenders gave home purchasers drastically increased financing costs (rates altogether lower than their completely listed rates per the points of interest on the advance) and when the genuine rate set in, their installment would twofold and was not typically affordable.

Presently while describing this time in your credit, the one thing that you should not state is that you couldn’t manage the cost of the home, you most likely, should simply chose to release the house and complete was is what is necessary. Typically when you state that you could not afford something in your past, it represents your unwillingness to complete obligation in the future, and right around 100% of the time this will bring about a quick refusal.


At long last, the best thing you can improve the situation yourself while presenting these letters of clarification is to give documentation that shows why things had happened, and how your circumstance has improved right now.

  • The more grounded the case you can ensure yourself, the better the shot you will get an approval from the guarantor. Simply recollect what is required, be compact, brief, and have all your documentation submitted while making these letters of clarification, they are the difference between obtaining your dream home and getting denied.


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Guidelines


With another year comes new rules and ideally I can help you in understanding the distinction in rules between Conventional Loans (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and FHA Loans (HUD).

  • Let’s begin with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, these two have considerably looser mortgage rules with regards to the real recorded date of a previous home loan not completed by the borrower and meeting all requirements for another regular home loan after the compulsory holding up period.
  • Try not to stress in the event that you do have a chapter 11 or potentially dispossession on your history as all home loan programs have compulsory holding up periods after liquidation and abandonment, and you will have the capacity to buy a home once more. In any case, there are distinctive rules and we will go over these rules in the sections underneath.


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the two government-supported enterprise (GSE) that represent and set guidelines for accommodating home loan credits also called standard mortgages. The recently discharged 2016 rules on Mortgage as a Part of Bankruptcy are as per the following:

  • If you had a home loan as well as home loans as a feature of your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (additionally know as obligation liquidation where liens are discharged), minimal waiting period to meet all requirements for a standard mortgage is four years from the release date of your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
  • For whatever length of time that the home loan was included in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the four-year holding up period starts from the release date of the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. With respect to standard mortgages, the abandonment can be recorded at a later date and it doesn’t influence the hold up time.


FHA Guidelines


With respect to FHA, on the off chance that you have had a home loan as a major aspect of your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the mandatory waiting period to qualify for a FHA advance is three years from the recorded date of the FORECLOSURE.

  • Despite the fact that this home loan may have been a piece of your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the release date of the liquidation makes no difference as everything is based on the date of the abandonment. This could represent an issue on the grounds that abandonment may occur over a year after the chapter 11 has been released.
  • The other approach to speed up this this procedure is to be constant after the liquidation release date to ensure that the home loan bank gets their name out of the deed of the home at the earliest opportunity.


How An Experienced Mortgage Loan Officer Can Help


Because you have experienced some intense circumstances and have a chapter 11 and additionally abandonment on your history it is possible, as a home purchaser, to now qualify. Today, contract loan specialists now assume that borrowers can experience some troublesome periods in their lives bringing about short-term bad credit from joblessness, business misfortune, divorce, or even medical issues.

  • Frankly, insolvencies and dispossessions can happen to the best of us because of unusual conditions. Despite the fact that it is conceivable to get a home loan after liquidation and dispossession, moneylenders will need to see you have been re-building up your credit and have current with your installments in your recent credit history.


All things considered, simply understand that regardless of the possibility that Fannie Mae, Freddie Max, and FHA have rules that can get you qualify and approved you to get into a home loan after bankruptcy or foreclosure doesn’t mean your loan specialist will adhere to these minimum standards.

  • Because of home loan overlays (which is additional moneylender rules beyond and notwithstanding Fannie, Freddie, and FHA) and despite everything you may not qualify for a loan as they may at present require 7 year holding up period after liquidation and abandonment.
  • I kind of compare it winning the race, but you still don’t the prize of you new Dream Home. Your job, find an experienced Mortgage Loan Officer without painful bank overlays.


Step by step instructions to Qualify For a Mortgage With Collection Accounts


Accumulation Accounts and Credit Scores: We are for the most part ordinary individuals and there are times when we get behind on our obligations and payments, usually while we experiencing troublesome circumstances. Once an installment is late most automated systems will report this late installment history to the 3 credit departments:

  • Experian,
  • Transunion,
  • Equifax.

When one of these censorious things is accounted for shockingly, you will see your FICO assessment decrease essentially. In the event that this ought to happen different circumstances, you can without much of a stretch see a 100+ point diminish in your score convey you from great credit to terrible credit in only a couple of months.

  • As a rule for the initial 3-6 months the bill is late the bank will contact you specifically to get installment of the obligation. After this, on the off chance that it is as yet not paid, the leaser may pass your document on to an accumulation office who will forcefully seek after you to follow through on your obligation and pay it.
  • On the off chance that regardless you decline to pay it and the gathering organization can decide through a record verification you have the advantages and intends to pay the obligation, they can sue you bringing about a judgment entered against you. This implies keeping in mind the end goal to uphold that judgment, your obligation can be gathered through wage garnishment, bank demands, and notwithstanding putting liens on your benefits or property.
  • Be that as it may, the accumulation office will ensure you have the advantages for pay the obligation on the grounds that getting legal advisors included isn’t a shoddy suggestion for them.
  • On the other side, a judgment is pointless if there are no methods for the obligation to get fulfilled and paid. In this situation, the purchaser would be judgment evidence meaning an obligation authority couldn’t gather on the obligation because of the account holder being wiped out.


Financial assessment Improves As Collection Accounts Age: Even however you may have unpaid accumulation accounts on your record, as they get more seasoned and more seasoned, they will have less of an effect on your FICO assessment.

  • It isn’t strange to see people with great acknowledge of 700+ for unpaid accumulation accounts after the records have matured for a couple of years. As you re-set up your credit pushing ahead and indicate credit value, your score will build, opening the way to future home loans and advances.
  • Another circumstance where you can modify your FICO assessment over the long run is after a chapter 11 discharge, dispossession, deed in lieu of abandonment, or even a short deal. At the time this occasion happens, your credit can be decreased 100-150 focuses rather effortlessly.
  • On the off chance that you work at acquiring new credit after these occasions, you can re-build up your credit in this way counterbalancing the negative effect that may have occurred.


Fitting the bill For Mortgage With Collection Accounts: You can meet all requirements for a FHA credit with current unpaid gathering accounts. As indicated by FHA, they arrange gathering accounts into 2 classifications:

  • restorative accumulations and
  • non-medicinal accumulations.


Since some of these Guidelines are new, I know this seems a little confusing, but if you have a questions, Please contact us directly at or 1-877-300-6257. We can help you simplify the process, have NO bank overlays and can help you get the answer you want. Yes!

Bill Burg is 3-time Author in teaching others about the Financial and Real Estate Business.  He is an experienced Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with USA MORTGAGE, that is one of the few banks with no bank overlays.  Overall, he has spent the last 13 years helping hundreds of families and investors to achieve the dream of home ownership.

Bill Burg at and USA Mortgage NMLS # 1647508

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