Poor Credit, You Still May Qualify for a VA Loan with the Right Lender, Newly Discovered Secrets!

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December 27, 2017
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Poor Credit, You Still May Qualify for a VA Loan with the Right Lender, Newly Discovered Secrets!

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Poor Credit, You Still May Qualify for a VA Loan with the Right Lender, Newly Discovered Secrets!

     This BLOG on How to Quality with Poor Credit for a VA Loan with the Right Lender was undated by Bill Burg on January 17th. 2018


You’re a Veteran with a Certificate of Eligibility and looking to buy a new home.  You may now qualify for VA Loans with Bad Credit. VA Loans are one of the best home loan program in this country.

Many of my borrowers have told me that their previous mortgage lender could only approve them for FHA Loans but not for a VA Loan.

Here are just a few reasons why other lenders cannot qualify them with VA Loans with Bad Credit but can qualify them for FHA Loans with exact Bad Credit:  Some basic facts, but picking the RIGHT Lender is the Secret!

  • Most mortgage lenders will have VA Lender Overlays, EXTRA REQUIREMENTS, that are even higher than FHA Lender Overlays. With them you lose, even before you get a chance.
  • The national mortgage lender, USA Mortgage and your experienced loan officer only  only requires a 580 FICO Credit Score and has ZERO VA LENDER OVERLAYS or EXTRA REQUIREMENTS
  • You can apply and qualify for a VA Loans with Bad Credit, NO EXCUSES!!!
  • VA Loans are much easier to qualify than any other loan program, so don’t delay, call Bill Today!
  • VA Loans are the BEST mortgage loan program in the nation HOWEVER, only Veterans of the United States Military with a COE, CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY, can qualify for VA Loans. Call Today to get Qualified!


Shopping for VA Loans with Bad Credit, No Excuses, Just Results.

Many Veterans will have less than perfect credit after retiring from the Government and VA fully understands the circumstances and the VA Guaranty program already accounted for this fact.  It is mostly likely that a Veterans to have lower credit scores or bad credit. VA also has much lenient credit guidelines than FHA Loans.

Here Are  Your VA Credit Guidelines Versus Minimum FHA Credit Guidelines:

  • Waiting period is usually two years after a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharged date to qualify for a VA Loan. It is typically the same waiting period to qualify for a FHA Loan.
  • Waiting period to qualify for a VA Loan after a short sale, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure is two years. For FHA, the waiting period is typically  three years to qualify for a FHA Loan after a short sale, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure,
  • Students Loans that have been deferred for 12 or more months are exempt from debt to income calculations with VA Loans. FHA does not exempt deferred student loans from debt to income ratio calculations.



Thank You for considering USA Mortgage for your VA loan and promise to strive to help you as have helped us with your service to our Great Country, so give me a shout at:

Bill Burg USA Mortgage


We specialize in multiple types of home loans including Conventional, FHA, VA and Multi-unit and Condotel loans.  If you have any questions please, contact Bill at 941-444-0010 or text Bill Burg on his cell for faster response at 941-444-0010. You can also email us at bill@burgrealty.com or you can see more blogs and start your application at mortgagelendingplace.com

Bill Burg is a 3-time Author in teaching others about the Financial and Real Estate Business.  He is an experienced Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with USA Mortgage and USA Mortgage is one of the few banks that have a business model of success without Bank Overlays.  Overall, he has invested that last 13 years helping hundreds of families and investors achieve the dream of home ownership.

Bill Burg at Mortgagelendingplace.com and USA Mortgage NMLS# 1647508


Available 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays to help make your dream of buying a home a reality.

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