What USA Mortgage Does Better than Most Regular Loan Officers

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What USA Mortgage Does Better than Most Regular Loan Officers for all our customers and our Real Estate Agents partners!

Blog by Bill Burg December 27th, 2017

Last week I spent a little time looking over the last year and reviewing what we can do better to help our Real Estate partners provide a better service for their customers.  I made a few phone calls to some of the brightest Real Estate Agents and Brokers that I work with.  I also did some reflection on the days when I was at the other side of the fence trying to get a loan approved.  I spent quite a few hours with those exceptional Agents and Brokers asking them questions one on one.  It came back at just 4 things we do better

  • I want a Mortgage Loan Officer to “Not tell me my Job and what is wrong with the deal.” Just help me fix the situation, so we can get on to picking out a house!  You know how it feels, just plain condescending.  Many of our local staff have sold Real Estate and been in your shoes.  We will treat you better.
  • I want my Mortgage Loan Officer to answer the Dang Phone or at least return my phone call as soon as he can. We have all been there.  You need an answer for you clients on Thursday or Friday for the weekend and you find out he is out playing golf and does return your phone call until Monday or Tuesday of the following week!  Yikes that brings back too many bad memories.  I know I have personally lost a few deals from just this one thing.  We at your local USA Mortgage Office, pride ourselves in communicating with you and returning your calls so you know what is going on!
  • I want a Mortgage Loan Officer who can help me grow my business! I always felt he worked for me that by them doing their job in a timely manner, it would benefit us and make us more money. Besides making every attempt to get your clients approved quickly and you both looking at houses.  We have a In House advertising department that is second to none.
  • I want a Mortgage Company that does have stupid Bank Overlays. To the folks that are new to the business or doesn’t have a truthful banker friend telling you the inside secrets to banking. Bank Overlays are additional requirements that the individual bank adds onto the minimum requirement that the final buyer of the note and those guidelines.  In other words, your customer may have gotten approved and not rejected and may have gotten a better loan originally.  Yea, that is why I work for USA Mortgage.  They pride themselves with no additional Bank Overlays.
  • I want a Mortgage Loan Officer that will continue to work with clients, even if they are not perfect. Help them get to an approval and sent them back to me so them can finally get into their dream house.  I hated it when a loan officer, would brush off a client that had one minor flaw in the loan process and I would seem them later get approved and they were going to my competition and buying a house.   I went to some work, gathering all the paperwork, getting them interested in buying a house, referring them to what I thought was a good bank and even helped guide them in the direction of fixing the flaw on their credit.  Only to see the commission in someone else’s pocket.
  • Our in-House Advertising Department Can Help You, the Real Estate Agent, get your listing SOLD! Help you get New Business and Add Additional Professionalism to Your business.
  • Custom Flyers
  • EDDMs (Every Door Direct Marketing)
  • Specialized Door Hangers
  • Custom Postcards
  • Customer Brochures

The reason I became a Mortgage Loan Officer in the first place, is I could not find one Bank or Mortgage Loan Officer that worked with me on just those original 4 items!  I accidental found USA Mortgage after several great deals fell apart from stupid additional bank overlays.  That was a lot of commissions not realized and time and money wasted invested, but the result was finding the USA Mortgage!  The Best thing about USA Mortgage is they add many more facets to helping your Real Estate Business Grow.  I will always strive to make the Mortgage Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent One Team working together.  There is no time for the typical adversarial relationship between Real Estate and the Banking side.  We should all work to together, to make each other’s business grow.  I will also be honest in why decisions where made and strive to help them get to the quickest path towards home ownership.  After all, your livelihood is based on these factors.

Thank You for considering USA Mortgage for your next loan and promise to strive to help make your business grow in the upcoming years to come.  Your time and Real Estate business is important to us, so give me a shout at:

Bill Burg at USA Mortgage


We specialize in multiple types of home loans including Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans and Multi-unit and Condotel loans.  If you have any questions please, contact Bill at 941-444-0010 or text Bill Burg on his cell for faster response at 941-444-0010. You can also email us at bill@burgrealty.com or you can see more blogs and start your application at mortgagelendingplace.com

Bill Burg is a 3-time Author in teaching others about the Financial and Real Estate Business.  He is an experienced Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with USA Mortgage and USA Mortgage is one of the few banks that have a business model of success without Bank Overlays.  Overall, he has invested that last 13 years helping hundreds of families and investors achieve the dream of home ownership.

Bill Burg at Mortgagelendingplace.com and USA Mortgage NMLS# 1647508

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